Lunch Boxes

Option 1

Chef’s Salad 
Kabab Wraps  
(Chicken or Veg) 
Peri Peri Potato Wedges 
Non Alcoholic Drink 

Option 2

American Coleslaw
(Grilled Chicken Steaks OR Veg Pattie)
Herb Saute Potatoes
Non Alcoholic Drink

Option 3

Garden Fresh Salad
Meat or Veg Curry
Buttered Naan
Steamed Rice
Non Alcoholic Drink

A minimum of 10 Lunch boxes would be required to get a budget meal. These are available for daily office staff and can be altered periodically to suit our customers.

Changes can be made for special diets i.e. non-vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan, jain, swaminarayan and if other specifications are required.

The Tandoori Patio is a private and casual, upscale patio style setup, with great food and drinks, a sure win no matter if you’re in search of a private place to make your business deal over a good meal, seeking a peaceful interlude in your day or just swinging by for lunch, brunch, sun-downers, happy hours or family dinners.